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Con Amore
International Humanitarian Aid Organisation


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Marijk Twisk, Massotherapist

€ 400,-

Con Amore

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Huis van Jade

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Diakonat OK Parochie, Egmond aan Zee

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Sarah Schwarz

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 Basia Szpak-Borst’s   € 150,-


Grand-Goâve Online and Green School Haiti (Netherlands) are extremely proud and happy to announce the launching, on Monday June 21, 2010, of the La Renaissance community school construction project in Grand-Goâve. La Renaissance was designed by a group of local young people mandated to improve the conditions of living for youth from the most vulnerable communities by offering them basic education services. This educational project will benefit some 200 children, between the ages of four and 17, with the goal of offering them a high-calibre education. It includes preschool, elementary and secondary education, trades and technology, as well as literacy for adults within the community. The main objective of this pilot project is to support awareness-building and education with respect to sustainable development, based on learning and training systems that are centred on civic equality, gender equality and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons with disabilities. This initiative will be a catalyst for Haitian expatriates to take part in the country’s reconstruction efforts. Marc-Élie Adraste, President of Grand-Goâve Online in Haiti, and Sandra Rénélique, the Haitian-born Dutch-Canadian representative of Green School Haiti, were the initiators of this great project. They were assisted by the Dutch community of Bergen where fund-raising activities were organized, after the January 12, 2010 earthquake, in order to help with building the school. The project is divided into two different geographical areas (campuses), and is implemented using a two-phase approach:

  1. Phase One
  2. Phase Two
  3. Financed by the proceeds of the fund-raising activities, i.e. approximately 8,000 Euros, consisted in the construction of a shed to be used by the students of La Renaissance. Its other aim was the reassessment of the school’s curriculum to make it comply with the standards issued from Haiti’s educational system reform.
  4. We will be the construction of the final buildings based on the Earthship principle . This will take place in two sites: Grand-Goâve for the elementary sector, and Petit-Paradis, a few kilometres from Grand-Goâve, for secondary and professional sectors.

The La Renaissance de Grand-Goâve community school will be Haiti’s first Green School. It will be built exclusively with recycled materials, and will be self-contained in terms of its energy and drinking water supplies. In addition, the school will have several gardens that will be created using both the principles of Haitian traditional agriculture and the permaculture design system. The project’s main partners are:

  • Administrative Committee of the La Renaissance school
  • Marc-Élie Adraste, President of Grand-Goâve Online (Haiti)
  • J. Kedner Dermine, School La Renaissance representative (Haiti)
  • Sandra Rénélique, Founding President of Green School Haiti (the Netherlands)
  • Sara Rénélik, Haitian artist, project’s co-founder and ambassador (Canada)
  • Gary Pierre Charles, Architect (Haiti)
  • Jean Lucho, landscape gardener, volunteer advisor voor Give Love in permaculture and ecological sanitation (Haiti)
  • Hélène Dubé, ES-Cargo, ecological construction advisor (Canada)
  • Christine Bonnaire webmaster (the Netherlands)
  • Camiel Janssens, newsletter (Sweden)
  • Augusta Verburg, Frits W. Boerwinkel (Synergoland), management advisors (the Netherlands)
  • Roel Kneppers, fundraiser (the Netherlands)
  • Writing and translation team: Jaco Mijnheer, Augusta Verburg, Claudia Cozzi and Traducteurs sans frontières

Donations are accepted via the Association’s bank account as follows:

Triodos Bank :, care of Green School Haiti

IBAN: NL82 TRIO 0198 3080 78


Noordwest-Holland Chamber of Commerce 37164533

To contact Green School Haiti:

Sandra Rénélique

p/a Zuurvensweg 17

1862 BK Bergen, Pays-Bas

Telephone  +31-6-

To contact Grand Goâve Online:

Marc Élie Adraste

21, rue Saint-François, Grand Goâve, Haiti, HT6230

Tel.: (509) 37820143

To contact our spokesperson:

Sara Rénélik





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