An earthquake meant the end of a school (January 2010)

The earthquake of 12 January 2010 devastated Grand-Goâve, a coastal town of 110,000 residents located 52 km south-west of Port-au-Prince, and, as a result, about 200 children are deprived of their school. Yet, only one year earlier, a group of idealistic young people associated with a local radio station had set up the Grand-Goâve Online Committee and created the “École Communautaire La Renaissance de Grand-Goâve” (Grand-Goâve Renaissance Community School), in order to help and educate the most vulnerable children from the area. The school had offered support for those children who no longer had a family and were in danger of ending up on the streets or in prostitution.

Two associations working on one school in Haiti (June 2010 – June 2011)

After the earthquake, the Grand-Goâve Online Committee, a project that receives financial support from the Netherlands, took charge of re-launching the school. In June 2010, the “Heart4Haiti” campaign provided € 8,000. Some Dutch sponsors from this campaign united together to form the Green School Haiti project, which aims at re-launching the school in two new locations and developing it into a centre where children and adults alike could learn about personal development and sustainable living and working in Haiti. The goal now is to build a stronger, more resistant construction! Together with the Grand-Goâve Online Committee, the international Green School Haiti Association is now working to set up the Green School Haiti.

Birth of la Fondation l’École Verte d’Haïti July 2011